"Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"

Web Server Statistics for "Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"
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  Daily Summary  

The Daily Summary identifies the level of activity as a total for each day of the week. This summary also compares the level of activity on weekdays and weekends as a total for the report time frame.

Daily Summary: Number of requests by Day of the week.

Daily Summary: Percentage of the requests by Day of the week.

Day of the weekNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredPercentage of the bytesPercentage of the requests
1.Sunday2548.876 MB7.96%8.81%
2.Monday37010.358 MB9.29%12.84%
3.Tuesday76925.942 MB23.28%26.68%
4.Wednesday65323.860 MB21.41%22.66%
5.Thursday44127.355 MB24.54%15.30%
6.Friday2306.922 MB6.21%7.98%
7.Saturday1658.139 MB7.30%5.72%
 Total Weekdays2,46394.437 MB84.73%85.46%
 Total Weekend41917.015 MB15.27%14.54%

This report was generated on November 12, 2006 23:02.
Report time frame August 1, 2006 02:11 to August 31, 2006 23:57.

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