"Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"

Web Server Statistics for "Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"
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  Quick Summary  

The Quick Summary shows the peak entries for the entire web site. This report gives the number of hits for each peak entry and the percent of the total hits for the web site this represents for the reporting time frame.

Quick SummaryPeak EntryNumber of requestsPercentage of the requests
1.Most redirected request/~hnarayan/images/photos60.20%
2.Most active day of the weekTuesday76926.68%
3.Most active week beginningAugust 27, 20061,40248.64%
4.Most requested file type.html [Hypertext Markup Language]86630.04%
5.Most common status code200 OK2,83098.19%
6.Most requested file size range 10kB-100kB1,17140.63%
7.Most popular request/~hnarayan/2197.59%
8.Most active hour of the day16:00 - 16:592588.95%
9.Most active hostc-68-40-207-37.hsd1.mi.comcast.net1424.92%
10.Most requested directory/~hnarayan/2,882100.00%
11.Most active dayAugust 30, 200638613.39%
12.Most active failed request/~hnarayan/cgi-data/guestbook.html150.52%
13.Most active domain.com (Commercial)1,11238.58%

This report was generated on November 12, 2006 23:02.
Report time frame August 1, 2006 02:11 to August 31, 2006 23:57.

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