"Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"

Web Server Statistics for "Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"
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  File Size Report  

The File Size Report categorizes the size of the file being requested. This can be useful in optimizing site performance. (Remember that on a 28.8Kps modem, it will take on average of 40 seconds to download 100Kb of data.)

File Size Report: Number of requests by File Size.

File SizeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredPercentage of the bytesPercentage of the requests
1.          0300.000 B0.00%1.04%
2.   1B-  10B111555.000 B0.00%3.85%
3.  11B- 100B00.000 B0.00%0.00%
4. 101B-  1kB246168.143 KB0.15%8.54%
5.  1kB- 10kB1,1635.420 MB4.86%40.35%
6. 10kB-100kB1,17128.576 MB25.64%40.63%
7.100kB-  1MB14644.903 MB40.29%5.07%
8.  1MB- 10MB1532.389 MB29.06%0.52%

This report was generated on November 12, 2006 23:02.
Report time frame August 1, 2006 02:11 to August 31, 2006 23:57.

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