"Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"

Web Server Statistics for "Harish Narayanan (hnarayan) - August 2006"
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  Weekly Report  

The Weekly Report identifies the activity for each week within the report time frame. Remember that one page hit can result in several server requests as the images for each page are loaded.
Note: Depending on the report time frame for this report the first and last week may not represent a full seven day week, resulting in lower hits.

Weekly Report: Number of requests by Week beginning.

Week beginningNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredPercentage of the bytesPercentage of the requests
1.July 30, 20062147.119 MB6.39%7.42%
2.August 6, 200639016.863 MB15.13%13.53%
3.August 13, 20062659.141 MB8.20%9.20%
4.August 20, 200661119.318 MB17.33%21.20%
5.August 27, 20061,40259.011 MB52.95%48.65%

Most active week beginning August 27, 2006 : 732 pages sent. 1,402 requests handled. 61,877,443.00 served.

Weekly average: 576 requests handled. 22.290 MB served.

This report was generated on November 12, 2006 23:02.
Report time frame August 1, 2006 02:11 to August 31, 2006 23:57.

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